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Night Watch was originally founded during the Mathosian Civil War by Marshal Frederic Kain as an expeditionary skirmish group that was ordered to move through Freemarch against the forces of Aedraxis Mathos I of unbroken lineage.  What exactly happened during the time spent in Freemarch is a secret that the remaining members of the original Night Watch will take to their grave.  It is known that members of the original Night Watch served with Marshal Kain at the battle of Ardenburgh.

After his ascension Cadroughan Aglarond wandered the Silverwoods attempting to find a purpose in life.  After a drunken binge with the Dwarven Cleric Reorx it was decided to form a group of like minded individuals  It was discussed and decided that no one was concerned with the affairs of the common man of Telara and that it was a good time to make that concept a reality.  That night the Night Watch was formed...

This new Night Watch was formed on the ideals that people were simply trying to make an existence within Telara and that the companions of the Night Watch were going to try to make their existence a bit easier. 
  • The new Night Watch was going to be guided by a single leader, referred to as the Thane of Night Watch but all companions would be given an equal say in the matters of the group and decisions were to be made jointly.  The ideal of one voice, one vote was successfully established and worked well for all involved.
  • All companions would receive food and lodging within the Guild's Hall in Three Springs, Moonshade Highlands.
  • All companions would have equal shares of any loot or profits that the group earned and all members would be allowed to speak for items and wealth before it was sold.  Any ventures undertaken independently of the group would be the profit of the members involved.
  • All companions would come to the aid of another member of the Night Watch if they are in need.
  • There would be a monthly meeting of the Companions to catch up and share wealth and knowledge.

Everything went well until the ambush at Lantern Hook.  Key members of the Night Watch met at Lantern Hook on the eve of their monthly gathering when they were fell upon by defiant's.  No one knows who or why these defiants attacked the Night Watch but the group was assaulted and members not killed were chased to the four winds.  When the smoke settled the only members to be found were the original founders Cadroughan, Avistan, Belef and Ellara.  The guild hall in Three Springs was gone, burned to the ground and all stored wealth was gone.  The four remaining members spent over a year in seclusion and returned to a very different Telara then when they left.

Recently Cadroughan has been speaking to individuals about reforming Night Watch again...

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